Colors Matter - Choosing the Best Color Scheme to Create a Relaxing Environment

Let’s Talk Creating the Ideal Colour Scheme for your Children’s Bedrooms...

You’re pregnant and sat there looking through the ideal home magazine searching for nursery décor ‘inspo’ for your little bundle of joy’s bedroom. I remember that feeling well and what an amazing feeling that was! Whether you went all out with a gender reveal or whether you are going to wait with excitement for that moment your little one appears, it really can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what colours to use when creating your little one’s nursery or kids room. Let me help by saving you the time in research and telling you things I didn’t even know when I was designing my baby nursery!

Let’s state the obvious – you want your child to sleep well! So how do you choose what is best?

When creating your little one’s room/nursery space you really want to create that calm, relaxing environment. In those early days at least your baby room will be used primarily for sleep so creating that calm and peaceful place for your little one to fall into that restful sleep is key. Whether you know it or not the bedroom colour scheme can have an impact on this as long gone are the days of pink for girls and blue for boys. The psychologists are now expressing the importance of choosing the right paint for your precious one’s room. After digging deeper into research on this, here is what I have found.

child reading a book in a children's room with scatter pillows


Yellow is a bright, vibrant colour that creates a sunny vibe to any room it has a lovely warm feel too. Some studies show that yellow can be a great colour to learn in and it can boost concentration, with this in mind if you were to have a child who likes to fight bedtime or tends to wake up early yellow may not help with this. If a room gives off too much of a daytime feel an overexcited or overstimulated child may find it difficult to calm down and fall asleep. Yellow works well as an accent colour when paired with grey, blue or green which allows the good aspects of yellow to really shine. Check out our children's animal cushions for great accent piece ideas and just some pretty cool pillows for the baby room or kids room!


Green is a relaxing and soothing colour which helps to create that calm environment, it can bring the outside inside and help create that natural look and feel. Why not throw in some rattan nursery décor to really highlight the use of natural organic materials in your bedroom design. As with many colours there are many different shades to contend with and all shades are not made equal! With green being a cooler colour the darker the shade, the darker it can make the room. So, TOP TIP: Opt for a softer green (a soft neutral you won’t go wrong with). A mint green nursery can be great or a sage green colour block nursery design to help soothe your little one and not to mention these are currently trending so real winners all around!

Some of our favourite green paints are: Vert De Terre No. 234, Farrow & Ball, Nordic Spa, Dulux

jungle themed bedroom with large plush giraffe and animal wall stickers


Blue is a very popular choice with both boys and girls as it is a calming colour. Interesting fact – the right hue of blue can reduce anxiety and aggression in children. When using other darker hues of blue, just try not to go overboard with it. Try adding a splash of a cheery blue colour and that should give the right balance.

Some of our favourite blue paints are: Blueberry White, DuluxBorrowed Light No. 235, Farrow & Ball


Now this is a popular choice especially with so many shades available. Pink is calming and can help children to be more caring towards others. The one thing to be mindful of with this colour that is that it is a colour that can be outgrown quite quickly compared to others. Best to choose a more neutral pink and that may last you longer.

Some of our favourite pink paints are: Peignoir No. 286, Farrow & Ball, Blush Pink, Dulux


We can conclude that cooler colours have a calming effect on our little ones and can make their room/nursery feel relaxing. Darker shades can be used for children’s bedrooms when used in moderation.

The colours to really consider then are nurturing green nursery, pale blues, cosy pinks, soothing whites, most neutrals, and contemporary greys.

Whatever you choose, try to avoid too many bolder shades of bright colours like orange and reds as they can have a truly energising effect on us and our bodies. For a child’s bedroom, this is not the desired outcome we are looking for when putting your little one down for a much-needed rest!

The choice really is yours, with whatever colour scheme you choose there are so many ways to add to your little one’s room with wall stickers to decorative pillows to colourful and themed changing mats with matching light fittings galore - the important thing is that it works for you and your family!