Baby Essentials

Discover our selection of high-quality baby essentials, including Baby Changing Mats and Baby Splash Mats. We provide three unique prints to complement various nursery themes, simplifying the process of styling your nursery. Our offerings include Wedge changing mats, premium standard changing mats, and travel changing mats.

Experience comfort and security for your baby during nappy changes with our Made By Paatch collection of mats which are available in three captivating prints:

  1. Jungle Safari Print Changing Mats: Inspired by our Young Wild & Free range, this charming print is sure to capture your little one's heart, and its contemporary muted colours make it a versatile addition to any home.

  2. Triangles Print Design: This modern and stylish print seamlessly blends into any baby nursery, combining comfort and practicality in a premium staple for your precious little one.

  3. Star Print Changing Mats: Enveloped in serene cosmic beauty and gentle, muted hues, this design provides a soothing backdrop for any space.

Explore the complete Made By Paatch baby changing collection to find the perfect essentials for your nursery.