How to Have a Stylish Nursery Right Now

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Design an attractive baby nursery that will last.

So you are having a baby or you’ve had a baby (Congratulations!) - and now you have a nursery to design! Where do you start? You don’t want your child’s room to be boring or dated, so let's make sure that doesn't happen with these tips.

Firstly, design an attractive baby nursery that will last. Like fashion trends, nursery themes can come and go quickly—there is no need for you to follow the latest trend. Instead, choose something that reflects your personal style and interests, but is also going to grow with your child (and maybe even inspire some sibling envy).

Choose a theme for your nursery

A great place to start when thinking about your new bundle of joy is the theme of the space your little one will be spending their time in. The baby nursery will be the one room you will use often so it’s worth thinking about a theme that excites you.

Of course, as it is your baby’s nursery, it is also best to consider if you’d like a unisex nursery or gender based one. You can also have a good think about a theme that suits your current home décor too.

If you are stuck for ideas, then we have listed a few great baby nursery themes to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Safari Nursery – There are so many great products for nursery safari décor that this theme works for and it’s great on any budget. There really is an abundance of jungle nursery accessories so you will be spoilt for choice.
  • Space Nursery – Star themed nursery designs are really taking off and rightfully so (who doesn’t love the feeling of a sky full of wonder?)!
  • Woodland Nursery – Green baby nurseries are very popular right now which would look great with adorable woodland creatures!

Have a focus with your colour palette

The colour palette of your nursery should reflect the personality of your child. That is if you are doing up the baby room after the arrival of your little one and can see the personality coming through! For the most part, the nursery would be ready before meeting your baby.

In which case, you may just want to think about a few things. If you want to create a space where they can feel safe and secure, then you may want to stick with soothing shades such as blues, greens or greys. This will help them settle in more quickly than having bright hues everywhere.

On the other hand, if you want to create an environment that is vibrant and exciting for your child – perhaps because they're very outgoing – then go with bold colours like reds, pinks and oranges that will help make their room stand out from all others!

Be contemporary

A contemporary nursery is clean and simple, with a few bright colours, often in the form of bold art on the walls. It's modern without being too fussy—in fact, it usually has some sort of geometric pattern as a focal point. The furniture is minimalistic, so you'll want to choose pieces that can grow with your child as he or she gets older. If you're trying to figure out how to make your nursery stylish without breaking the bank (or spending hours shopping), it helps to have a good idea of what goes into this kind of space.

We have a great selection of colourful wall art that can really bring the room to life.

Bring in the accent colours

When it comes to accent colours, there are several ways to use them. The most common way is to choose a colour that isn't in your main palette and make it stand out. This will create a focal point in the room and make your nursery look polished and cohesive (yes, that is what we really want!).

You can also use an accent colour if you want to match something else in the room (like a piece of furniture, a rug or some pre-existing art). For example, if you have a mustard rug that matches perfectly with the wall art hanging above it, consider using mustard as an accent colour for nursery accessories like cushions, lamps or other nursery items like bookends on shelves. 

Have Fun!

Enjoy these precious moments in your life and create a space that is perfect for you, your baby and your family.

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