Effortless way to achieve the perfect bedroom for your little one!

Now you have chosen your colour scheme for your little one's bedroom, it is time for the most enjoyable part - filling it with beautiful things and furniture to really make it your own.

We are sure that you have visions of delightfully decorated children's rooms that also ooze colour and warmth and have that practical element to them at the same time but this is not always as easy to achieve.
Remembering when it came to doing my daughters room I was full of excitement but also felt quite overwhelmed with the amount of choice there was for furniture and accessories that you could get for your little one's room. I remember thinking what I should go for. The minimalist look or perhaps an animal design or go neutral it really was a minefield. After compiling a list of what we really needed it all became a little clearer to what we wanted to achieve.
Let's talk cost, this is something that is really important especially nowadays in this current climate, We are all looking for ways to save money. There are plenty of places to look when it comes to children's furniture and accessories whether this is online or shopping in person. There are many ways you can save money especially on furniture buying matching items such as cots and changing tables and draws to rocking chairs, sometimes buying these together can definitely save you a little if not quite a lot when buying them together. Then comes the accessories and necessary items like changing mats, cushions, prints for the walls etc which is definitely the fun part. 
Whether you have a boy or a girl you really want their room to be a warm cosy, happy environment especially as this will be over time somewhere they will be spending a lot of time in. There are definitely effortless ways that can help achieve this for your little one!
Wall Decals
Wall stickers are a great way to spruce up your little ones room whether you would like just a couple of animals for your little one to focus in on in a smaller room or whether you have a big wall to fill with a whole solar system of stickers it really is quite an effortless way and relatively cheap way to help make your room unique. 
Cushions are another way to help make your child's room more homely and comfortable as well as eye catching for your little one especially if they are bright and colorful as well as being multipurpose whether you use them to decorate your little ones bed (if bigger) put on the floor to sit on whilst reading a book they are definitely a great addition to any room.
Wall Art
Prints are another item which is small and effortless but can really help to enhance and personalise a room whether you go for a couple of colourful animal prints on the wall or propped up on a unit or whether you decide to go for a personalised named frame print they really do look gorgeous.
One thing that we have found is that the smallest of touches/features can really help to transform a room big or small.
Cost Savings
Bundles are a great way to make a saving and we at Paatch have come up with some great ideas to help you to achieve that effortless look all in one go, including an all important changing mat, a set of our colorful cushions, prints, travel mat, and full set of wall stickers madebypaatch.com/collections/great-savings-bundles, we feel that this could definitely transform your little ones room.
Whatever you decide on to make your little ones room perfect there are definitely ways that you can do this in a way that does not require too much effort to achieve.