Anti Slip Baby Splash Mat for Weaning | Play Mat & Floor Protector
Anti Slip Baby Splash Mat for Weaning | Play Mat & Floor Protector
Anti Slip Baby Splash Mat for Weaning | Play Mat & Floor Protector
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Anti Slip Baby Splash Mat for Weaning | Play Mat & Floor Protector

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✦ Product Name: Anti-Slip Baby Splash Mat for Weaning Floor Protector or Play Mat
✦ Design: Triangles
✦ Easy to Fold: Yes
✦ Size: 130cm x 130cm
✦ Application: Splash mess mat, kid table sheet, high chair floor mat, Messy play mat

Life gets messy when you have kids. Meal time, play time... it's not fun when you are only thinking of all the effort it will take to clean up all the mess.

We’ve got our new anti-slip splash mats to rescue you. It’s not just meal times you can use the extremely versatile splash mess mat - you can lay down for arts and crafts or if you want to play messy. This floor or table mat is excellent quality and will easily protect your surfaces as it is waterproof and is washable too!

Perfect kids play mat for beach, picnic, park, holiday, you name it. Let the exciting, worry-free feeding & playing BEGIN!


★ Waterproof

★ Machine washable - warm wash 40 degrees Celsius

★ 100% Polyester

★ Large Size - 130cmx130cm

★ This triangle geometric and jungle animal splat mats make the perfect table cloth, whether it's for a birthday party or arts and craft time. Keep your tables and floors clean and protected from play time mess.

★ Each splat mat protects your precious floors, rugs, tables and every surface likely to host a mess.

★ Ideal for use under the baby high chair for baby weaning.

★ This splash mat will be useful as your child grows and through different stages. Use them when feeding, then as baby activity mat for artwork, crafts or just any other messy time. Works wonderfully as a reusable tablecloth.

★ This kids mat sheets are easy to use or store, at home or on the go (park, traveling). Pack and go! This will save you from mealtime and playtime messes anytime, anywhere.

★ Makes a very practical gift - the colors are lovely and this will be used time and time again.


✔ Always place the mat on a flat level surface clear of obstructions before you put your baby on.
✔ This is not intended as a sleeping surface, please always supervise your baby on all of the mats.
✔ If you have the mat on a raised surface, please be extra careful and never to leave your baby unattended on a high surface.
✔ To keep the mat looking at its best, do not leave in direct sunlight or use harsh cleaning chemicals.

✔ All you need to do is wipe down and place in the wash following the wash instructions. Air Dry or low tumble dry option.

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